Three Best Races of 2016 Formula One World Championship


Who doesn’t love cars? It’s a hypothetical question to ask for Formula One lovers. The Formula One championship is something people see beyond just racing. It is something what people are crazy and mad about when it comes to Racings and Championships. Everyone wants to experience that high intensity noise and race of Formula One. Going into that, one of the best seasons in the 75 years of F1 racing would be the 2016 season. There were lot of ups and downs in the F1 Grand prix racing during that year. In this article we will see the three best races of 2016 F1 World Championship.

2016 Brazil Grand Prix

When it comes to 2016 F1 championship, no one will forget about the Brazil Grand Prix. With a limit of 71 laps and a track record of 25 points, it was Lewis Hamilton who banged the first place. The whole world couldn’t able to forget this legendary race, since it was the fastest of time to complete the 71 laps. Not only that, the defending champion Nico Rosberg came back with a great set leading Lewis Hamilton, but with an edge of the seat watch, Lewis Hamilton took over Nico with a six-point lead.

Also, it was one of the Mercedes two-win series, with its competitors Red bull and Ferrari. The total Race time was three hours and one minute approximately. The game was so intense that no one could able to forget. The below is a screenshot of the results for you.

2016 Monaco Grand Prix

Despite the wet and cloggy rains during the race, the Monaco grand prix was a classy one. Regardless of the rain and wet atmosphere young racer Daniel Ricciardio banged the first place with 71 laps at a fastest of one hour and fourteen minutes for the first quarter. With a great kick start at the beginning, Daniel was quick enough to move forward on the laps, passing the two biggies of Mercedes.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton passed by and came second and third respectively. The Red Bull-Tag Heuer comes to the first position I the Monaco Grand prix. The results for the 2016 Monaco Grand prix is shown below for reference.

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

It was the time when the German Racer, Nico Rosberg had a fierce fight on racing head to head with Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo. It was a very close fight between the first two places, that people have still remembered this race. The Race happened in 2016, but still considered to be one of the best races to watch anytime, anywhere and how many ever times you want.

Even though it was Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, who made the fastest lap in the race, but this race is one such memory to watch another time due to its “edge of the seat” racing, like the Brazilian Grand prix that year. The Mercedes once again banged with the first two positions leading to a great financial year of 2016. You can find the F1 2016 race results for your reference below.

Thus, these are the three most best races of 2016 for the F1 World Championships, for people to go and watch it for another time to be remembered off.

Last updated: Tuesday March 17, 2009 09:03:27